Vision och program


“Acts29 aspires to be an international multicultural mission movement of young people, whose lives have been discipled and transformed for missional leadership in the Church and in the world.”


The movement began as a partnership between the Iglesia del Pacto Evangélico del Ecuador and the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden[1]. The first school was held in Montecristi, Ecuador in 2004. Since then Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo[2], Republic of Congo[3], Finland, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Sweden, China and Thailand have held schools while additional nations have sent participants.


We are a Discipleship School

We participate in the process of shaping lives in community as we follow Jesus. We do not merely impart knowledge.

We are a Leadership School

We entrust young people with delegated leadership. We mentor and empower them to become servant leaders.

We are a Mission School

We encourage young people to participate in God’s mission of reconciling all things to himself.


The Story Continues

Acts29 focuses on what Jesus, the apostles, and the first church did. God continues such work today. We work together with the Holy Spirit to transform lives and communities.

Crossing Cultures

The participants and leaders are always from two or more nations and cultures, with no group dominating. Encounters between different cultures create a good environment to interpret and apply the gospel together.

Hearing and Being

We minimize the distance between hearing and being by practicing in the afternoons what we have discovered in the Scriptures in the mornings. The teaching is Biblical, practical and inspirational, and not primarily academic. It is given from a variety of educators.

People of the Way

The teaching is often done in the ”Jesus style” – using everyday objects and situations to express profound spiritual truths. It is also given in the ”Paul style” – as in Ephesus where he taught in a classroom setting.


We live together in neither poverty nor riches. Basics needs are met. We work together to disengage ourselves from things that distract or separate us from God and one another.

Together with Local Churches

Acts29 takes place among national churches and in close fellowship with local churches and ministries. We seek to encourage and inspire the local church.

Leading like Jesus

Acts29 practices Biblically-based leadership, sensitive to local cultures. The image of a loving shepherd is the inspiration for servant leadership.

The Whole Gospel

Acts29 strives to minister to every aspect of human need: spiritual, emotional, and material. We endeavor to incarnate and interpret the gospel so that its power will bring holistic transformation and justice to society.


Acts29 schools are self supporting, primarily through the fees of the participants. The organizing churches are together responsible for disbursing surpluses or recovering losses.


Bible teaching

The primary texts for Acts29 are the Gospel of Mark and the Acts of the Apostles, studied through narrative teaching. The following topics are taught in every school. The subtitles are guidelines for teachers.

  1. Cultural understanding
    • Understanding culture shock
    • Each nation presents its cultural background and expressions
    • We compare differences and similarities between our cultures
  2. Life in the Holy Spirit
    • The Person and work of the Holy Spirit
    • The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit
    • Hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit
  3. Discipleship
    • Identity and calling
    • Carrying the cross
    • Living a radical Christian lifestyle
  4. Mission
    • Calling and commissioning
    • Mission – nearby, and to the ends of the earth
    • How to make disciples
    • Missio Dei – God’s reconciliation of the world to himself
  5. Leadership
    • Calling and commissioning
    • Case study of Moses as leader
    • Case study of Jesus as leader
    • Servant leadership
    • Problems and temptations in leadership
  6. Church
    • The body of Christ
    • Principals of the first church
    • Present expressions of church
    • Our authority and vulnerability as believers
  7. Prayer
    • Basics
    • The Lord’s prayer
    • The intimate whisper
    • Prayer and faith
    • A powerful tool

Optional topics may include:

  • Spiritual warfare
  • Relationships and sexuality
  • Church history
  • Bible panorama

Crossing cultures

Acts29 gathers young people from different cultural backgrounds into an intercultural community sharing basic accommodation, simple food and life practices based on Kingdom values as well as deep respect and consideration of the local culture. Living in such a community helps participants to understand the gospel and develop their intercultural competence. The school runs in no more than two languages, with mutual translation.


Acts29 takes place in an environment of worship and prayer. Every morning typically includes one hour of personal devotions and 30 minutes of group devotions.  Each evening when at the school base includes a further hour or more of group devotions, with testimonies and personal ministry.


Except for leaders’ necessary work on organizing the school, communications with the outside world (phone, internet, etc) are limited to one day a week. Participants are not permitted to form exclusive relationships that will detract from their effective involvement with the whole Acts29 community.


The school leaders should ensure that every leader and participant will be personally followed up after the school. Reunions may be arranged in places where participants are able to meet as a group. During and after the school we give personal guidance to help every participant plan and finish a ”mission project”.

Leadership and delegation of responsibility

School leaders are responsible for the administration and operations of all areas of the school. Each country with multiple participants and leaders will provide a school leader. The leader from the host country is responsible for representing the school to local churches and ministries. Where necessary the Acts29 Global Forum[4] can elect a mentor who is sent during the start-up period to make sure to set the school on track. The school mentor also takes further responsibility of the school and is willing to deal with any crisis that may arise. All leaders will gather some days before the school begins to finalize the preparations.

Leadership development:

Participants from one school are encouraged to become mentored student leaders in a following school. Some student leaders may become future school leaders. It is recommended that the leadership team meet at least every day to review the schedule, discuss responsibilities, and pray for the school. In addition, every week the leaders will have an hour or more scheduled for leadership development, which may include: fellowship, leadership teaching, personal coaching and rest. Appropriate responsibilities are increasingly handed over to the students to help them grow into leadership.


The participants are divided into smaller teams for practice in churches and ministries. The details of the practices will be flexible, and dependent on the circumstances in each country where the school is held. Each practice team will be assigned two student leaders.


Every school is prepared and conducted in a spirit of deep mutuality between the organizing churches. Each church is recommended to prepare its students and leaders for their time on Acts29.


Acts29 upholds the Lord’s Sabbath as a model for right balance between work and rest. Scheduled time to rest is especially needed for the student leaders.

Spiritual disciplines

Leaders and participants are trained to practice basic spiritual disciplines. One or more days are set aside for:

  • corporate fasting, preceded by appropriate teaching
  • silence, to focus on God Himself
  • 24hr prayer chain


To deepen relationships and foster mutual respect and understanding, all participants and visiting teachers share their testimonies to the whole group and then receive personal prayer and ministry.