Equmenia is responsible for all kinds of youth ministry within Uniting Church in Sweden. Equmenia has its foundation in the Christian faith and aims at discovering more of Jesus and allow faith in Him and His blessings to reach others. That is the reason for Equmenia’s existence.

Equmenia consists of about 400 local associations and has about 19 300 members all over Sweden. Every week leaders, youth and children gather together for sport activities, scouting and prayer groups. Through this variety of activities Equmenia aspires to be a place where participants are acknowledged for who they are and also get a chance to get to know Jesus.

Every fall representatives from all the local associations in Equmenia gather to participate in our annual conference. There decisions concerning the composition of the board are made as well as how and to what Equmenia should use its resources the following year. All activities are derived from the following concepts:


Equmenia wants to be a vital player in shaping local fellowships all around Sweden. Fellowships where children and young persons can feel welcomed and well received, where they may contribute with what they have been given and what they have experienced.


To be a disciple is to choose to follow someone and to allow for life to be affected by that. Equmenia wants to follow Jesus and let goals, choices as well as values, be shaped by Him. Through that process we want to be tools for blessings for each other, others and all of creation.


Jesus has said that God is love. Equmenia wants to create spaces where people may practice that love; practice to see, to receive and to pay it forward. Equmenia want to have a strong social commitment, for people far and near. Equmenia also wants to work with questions relating to environment and justice.


There is something unique in Jesus Christ. Something more people ought to have the chance to experience. For that reason Equmenia wants to an open community and invite more people to join in with their differences and gifts.

Equmenia is a movement and exists in order to manage things that the local association or participant cannot do for themselves. In practice that means that Equmenia, apart from all the acitvities and projects in Sweden, also has contact with partners throughout the world. Through our Christian brothers and sisters we can have interchanges and meetings. We can also arrange larger gatherings and venues in Sweden. Within Equmenia we may share experiences that makes scouting troops, choirs and ministry amongst students grow and develop year after year.

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